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Lawn Strip

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Recent Projects

Landscaping Project

• Removed most of the mature shrubs

• Trimmed all remaining shrubs

• Planted new low maintenance shrubs

• Installed interlocking concrete edgers

• Installed landscape fabric/weed barrier

• Spread small Barn stone over all beds

Landscaping Project

Our client gave us the reigns to design a landscape that would visually take her back to when she resided in the Southwest.

We laid landscape fabric, then installed Belgium Block edging. Picked up a few accent pieces and spread 2 types of stone to create a flowing effect.

Landscape & Hardscape Project

We removed 10-15 mature shrubs and perennials along the side of the house and spread mulch throughout.

Replaced an old rotten timber wall with a new Versa Lok retaining wall. We extended the new wall out to the customers request, graded the damaged lawn and re seeded

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